Optional page text here. Ucsf radiation oncology : intra operative radiotherapy home » treatment programs » intra operative radiotherapy brachytherapy cyberknife gamma knife hyperthermia intensity modulated radiation therapy (imrt) intra operative radiotherapy orthovoltage proton therapy for ocular tumors three dimensional conformal radiation therapy tomotherapy intra operative radiotherapy used in the treatment of: breast cancer prostate sarcoma kidney thoracic intra-operative radiation therapy (iort) is the use of radiation therapy during a surgical procedure. buy viagra without prescription Iort is one solution for giving high radiation doses to a tumor while sparing the nearby normal tissues. cheap viagra usa During the surgical procedure while the wound is open, the surgeon shows the radiation oncologist the areas of the tumor bed where tiny fragments of tumor may remain. price quote viagra The sensitive normal tissues are moved out of the radiation field, and then radiation oncologist directs a single high dose of radiation to the area most at risk for residual disease. At ucsf, we have 2 machines for delivery of iort. viagra without a doctor prescription One machine (mobetron), located in the operating room at the parnassus campus, is used for tumors such as sarcomas, neuroblastoma, recurrent pelvic malignancies, and recurrent head and neck cancer. viagra in canada without prescription The other iort machine (intrabeam), located in the operating room at the mt. Zion campus, is used to treat breast cancer at the time of lumpectomy. Iort may be used alone, but is frequently complemented by additional external beam radiation therapy after a patient has healed from surgery. Iort team bruce faddegon, phd shannon fogh, md alex gottschalk, md phd daphne haas-kogan, md joe hsu, md lijun ma, phd jean pouliot, phd copyright 2012 university of california regents. generic viagra quick delivery All rights reserved if you experience any difficulty with this site, please email our web developer. brand viagra for sale Last updated: september 24, 2012 - ma. buy cheap viagra Re personal accounts of people who found hope, and a voice, at ctca. walmart pharmacy prices viagra This is what they have to say, in their own words... Why are some, not all, cancer types listed? viagra online without prescription At ctca, we treat individuals with a variety of cancer types. However, all of our survivors are n. pfizer viagra cheap prices